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Crafting memories and moments –

Crazy Crafters is a modern and dynamic TV production company, with a strong winning drive towards offering our clients an astonishingly creative solution in a service-friendly business style. We are committed to offering high-end quality and creativity, be it through first-hand executive productions or via utilising our vast, on-demand, array of production services.

Our approach is to honour every idea through creative input and the right production value. We specialise in giving each project a unique visual style, while finding creative solutions to all your production needs.

Being crazy and fuelled by creative energy and unbeatable passion, we have the courage to do the things differently, Which helps us look at challenges and opportunities from new angles.

Here we craft your precious moments into unforgettable memories….

Producing creativity is like feeding ourself for the next and so is our source of energy for next step forward. We are committed to deliver our soul to meet our own creative zeal.

Creativity has no shape and crafting it with blend of diverse facet makes it unique… Loaded with high end equipments we are specialised into all sorts of Documentaries, AV’s, Corporates, Event videos, interviews, Still Photography….

Our Video Services include script to screen solutions of:

  1. Documentaries
  2. Corporate Films
  3. Commercials
  4. AV’s
  5. Short Films
  6. TV shows and live programs
  7. Events Set-up of audio visual equipments

Studio and equipment rental services